About Dvercity, Inc. - We Reign Supreme in Royal Service!

Located at the Madison Avenue intersection near the Leaf theater and Abbey Eye Institute, in historic downtown Quincy.

What is dvercity?

Dvercity is being uniquely different. It's enlightenment. A positive attitude. Each American city is a diverse city; but a "dvercity" is a city embracing and celebrating culture, diversity, and self-expression with a desire to enrich the nation and the "American Dream."

Who is Dvercity?

Established in 1996, in Niceville, Florida, DverCITY is a multi-faceted, diverse business founded on Christian principles, high ethics/moral standards and a drive for excellence in community service. In 2005, DverCITY moved to Valparaiso, Florida (Niceville's "Twin City"). Upon entering the online community October 1999, DverCITY expanded its business ventures into Tallahassee, Florida. In December 2009, DverCITY relocated to Quincy, Florida.

DverCITY boasts a wide array of products and services that cater to the needs and desires of local residents and businesses. Specializing in personalized gifts and collectibles, printing, and professional business services, DverCITY offers gift baskets, mugs, t-shirts, balloons, stuffed toys, multicultural art, custom event planning for special occasions like baby and bridal showers, tickets, flyers, business cards, editing, writing, Web design, Web hosting, FAX, and notary service.

Pat Smith, president of the family business, was a long-time Niceville resident of twenty years who recently relocated the business to Quincy. After serving military patrons for 30 years, she retired from the Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) as a retail manager with vast experience and a multicultural sensibility. Founded on Christian principles, integrity, and a drive for excellence, DverCITY's mission is to "Reign Supreme in Royal Service" and live up to its name: diversity.

Guiding Principles

  • To glorify and uplift Jesus Christ in all things; He makes all things possible
  • To showcase community activism, entrepreneurship, and new artists (literary, music, the arts)
  • To promote community health: mind, body, and soul
  • To celebrate diversity and love for self, community, and country

Mission / Vision

The world wide web offers the perfect opportunity to be a mecca for diverse cultures, diverse communities, diverse age-groups, and diverse lifestyles. DverCITY caters to every person, business and community with a willingness to bring diverse ideas to the forefront of mainstream society. With DverCITY, the African-American community, Latin-American community, Christian community, Asian-American community, high school and college student community, business community, youth community, mature adult community, international and global community are one in the same, but distinct in flavor.

Blessed with a fortune of talent, our success is the community's success. With plans to increase our present scholarship fund, provide more financial and business prowess for small businesses and entrepreneurs, and create more jobs in rural areas, therefore increasing their value, DverCITY is destined for big things.

Local Mission: To effectively spread general marketing and business prowess to small business communities like Quincy, Florida, located in the Big Bend region of the Florida Panhandle. Small business owners are slow to embrace the full marketing and advertising capacities of the World Wide Web, which offers vast potential for growth and exposure. Local community service projects include the "Student Diversity Award," free SAT essay writing workshops for local high school students, book scholarships, and a children's art and poetry contest.

National Vision: To educate all businesses, small or corporate, in the ways of cost-effective marketing on the Internet with maximum benefits and results for all businesses, either online or brick-and-mortar.

Company Profile

Our mission is to facilitate and aid the expansion, financial growth, and knowledge base of small businesses, entrepreneurs, and corporate business individuals. In conjunction with Print Any Tyme, we offer targeted web site promotion with affordable banner advertising, web design, effective advertising options and marketing.

Print Any Tyme - Copy Print Shop

Established in 1991, Print Any Tyme is the mother of DverCITY. From its womb, our fabulous company was born. Specializing in printing, graphic and web design, Print Any Tyme is in the process of becoming a full-fledged online printing service. Great for the small business or entrepreneur, it offers discounts on printing orders. Printing capabilities range: business cards, brochures, church programs, flyers, coupons, business forms, post cards, greeting cards, announcements, signs, note cards, tickets, calendars, fax cover sheets, transparencies, certificates, bookmarks, personalized paper bags, placemats, newsletters, marketing portfolios, media and press kits, lamination, scoring, perforation, labels, envelopes, letterhead stationary, comb binding, manuals and reunion booklets.

SpeedyPaperz - Professional Editing Services

Professional writing, editing, and English tutoring services.

Dvercity Publishing

DverCITY electronically publishes several magazines: DrumBeats (African-American), The Trumpet (Christian), and Dvercity Magazine. In summer 2012, DverCITY revamped their publishing division:

  • Dvercity Magazine - http://dvercity.org/
  • DrumBeats Magazine - http://www.dvercity.com/drumbeats.html/
  • Healing Grace Magazine - http://www.healing-grace.net/

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