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    Browse and order through our secure cart. Our brick-and-mortar shop is located 17 miles from the state's capital in historic Quincy, Florida.

  • What is dvercity?
    Dvercity is being uniquely different. It's enlightenment. A positive attitude. Each American city is a diverse city; but a "dvercity" is a city embracing and celebrating culture, diversity, and self-expression with a desire to enrich the nation and the "American Dream."

  • Quincy Print Shop
    Need customized printing help or professional layout or design? For master copies and small volume printing.

Business Services

Professional Editing Services


Our editors have a strong, unrestrained passion for the written word in any form.

Handmade Jewelry and Dollar Jewelry Store

Handmade Jewelry

Quincy Jewelry Shop.

We sell special, handmade jewelry. We also have dollar jewelry in our Quincy location.

English Tutors - FSU, FAMU, TCC

Tallahassee English Tutors


We offer English tutors and editing for local students.

Online Workshops

One on one and group workshops.

Online workshops on various topics like writing, business, careers, and credit building.

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